Trainer Tips


    Start your adventure off by travelling from Pallet Town to Viridian City. Receive Professor Oak's parcel from the PokéMart and deliver it to him back at his lab to receive a Pokédex and 5 Pokéballs.



    Pokémon can be spawned randomly while you are in long grass, or can be found wandering the region. Catch them with Pokéballs, which can be both bought at PokéMarts and crafted.

  • Train your Pokémon by battling trainers or wild Pokémon. Prepare your team to battle in one of the region's 8 city gyms. Defeating a gym gives you a variety of rewards, such as money, TMs, and badges.

    Claim a free home by walking into the house in Viridian City. This will give you a home which you can decorate, rearrange, and add to as you please. Your home can be visited at anytime by typing the command "/home". Friends can also be invited over to visit with the command "/hi friendsname". 

    Go mining at the public mine. The mine is located in the Route 3 hills between Pewter City and Mt. Moon, and resets every 2 hours or so. The mine contains logs, stone, iron, and diamonds, with a crafting table nearby to craft any tools you might need to start out.


    Visit the Celadon Dept. Store to buy and sell various items. Collect loot from Pokémon kills that you can keep for personal use or sell. Cobblestone can also be sold for a small amount of money.

    Acquire HMs such as cut, fly, and surf. HMs aren't physical items, but instead are perms. Cut is used by right-clicking cut signs around the map. Fly is used the same as a warp command by typing commands such as "/fly viridian". Surf is used by right-clicking any water source; it spawns you in a boat, allowing you to quickly travel.


    Visit any area of the Kanto region that you'd be able to visit in Pokémon Fire Red. Some areas include Silph Co. and its puzzle, a fully functional Safari Zone, S.S. Anne to acquire HM Cut, and caves such as Diglett's Cave and Mt. Moon.


    Play with a community full of friendly players. Travel the region and trade Pokémon with your friends, or battle each other to see who is the more dedicated trainer. Feel like you're playing Pokémon while also enjoying the classic Minecraft experience.

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Recent updates

Created a new currency, "Tokens", that players receive when they vote with /vote. Tokens can be spent at the Celadon Game Corner on various prizes and even on a slot machine. Prizes include a ball that spawns a Boss Pokemon, and a "slap stick" that allows you to slap players by right-clicking them.

Released the beta version of Johto to the public. Nearly the entire map is built, along with its interiors. Every Pokemon for the region is coded in, even the ones that aren't added to Pixelmon yet. Remember, it's in beta, so it is not 100%! (Click photo for artist information)


 Scripted every gym for the Johto region.


 Completed building the Johto region's exterior and almost every interior, excluding some caves. This region replicates the one found in Pokemon Gold.




Plans for the Future


NPC trainers in locations according to Pokémon Fire Red that give XP and money.

Items and other things to be found around the map, according to Pokémon Fire Red.

Homes available in other cities that can be purchased.

Slot machines for the Game Corner.


now available in POKÈ MARKET...


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Vote while logged into server to get Pokeballs. Voting everyday in a row increases the value and amount of Pokeballs you receive. You will receive a masterball on the 12th consecutive day of voting (while logged into server).

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